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    Auto industry social networking sites all have different rules and protocols to produce their own personal identities within the auto industry and the inter-dependent automotive advertising industry. While you can find variations format, content and contributors they share the normal goal to coach their community members by sharing tips and insights with the concept that a rising tide floats all boats. To offer clarity and share my vision for the future of the retail auto industry and automotive advertising it needs to be framed it in the context of our changing geo-political and economy. After the reasons for today is built on the broad picture of our world economy and politic, then this role with the Internet and related technologies does apply for the one constant that people can all depend on -- human instinct -- to assist define tomorrow as I find it.

    Any competitive business design has to be built to accommodate tomorrow and also today. Today is clear. Product sales, profits and inventory are down across all brands. Consumer confidence is falling as unemployment is rising even in the facial skin from the expected temporary increase when the million plus census workers as well as government employees -- including the sixteen thousand IRS agents to police our new medical system -- are artificially included with the equation. Wholesale and retail credit lines are restricted by both natural business cycles and government intervention. Our economy is directly from the world economy along both monetary and political lines along with the United states of america in addition to our European trading partners are faced with excessive debt and unstable monetary systems. Our monetization individuals debt -- fundamentally the undeniable fact that we loaned ourselves the money we needed to fund our growing debt by printing more income, since who else would lend it to all of us -- has insured the inevitable inflation of our own dollar or some similar correction to our monetary system. This anticipated correction is definitely supported when observing the problem maturing in Greece, Portugal, Spain as well as other The european union associated with the Euro and the International Monetary Fund, (IMF). No one has a crystal ball, and so the best to organize for tomorrow would be to recap today's critical problems that didn't exist yesterday. It really is these adjustments to -- that which was -- vs. -- precisely what is -- that can likely define -- what will be as well as the actions that auto dealers and automotive advertising agencies will need to take to stay profitable and competitive in unchartered waters.

    The current administration was voted in over a platform of hope and modify with the expectation how the promised transformation of America would happen within the confines of our constitution as well as in contemplation on our established belief within a free marketplace. The redistribution of wealth was understood by most to reflect the giving nature of the American people like a moral and sharing society. Unfortunately, the transformation began in such a way which could not have been imagined with the majority that voted for this with the agenda that is only now arriving at light. The inherited financial burdens on our banking system that justified the requirement for change were matured across Republican and Democratic party lines -- as evidenced through the contributions of Fannie May and Freddie Mac to the mortgage crisis as well as the preferred treatment enjoyed through the unions, Goldman Sachs, AIG and also other entities on Wall Street sustained by the progressive political movement that is represented within each party.

    By means of disclaimer, I recognize that approximately 30% of our population believes in the collective -- We the people -- and also the associated movement for the -- workers on the planet to unite -- vs. the framers from the constitution that defined it as being the person -- We Individuals -- and the rights of the people being a contributing member of the full. That said, because President has clearly stated, elections have consequences and i'll try and limit my comments and future visions to merely those actions which may have or may direct effect on the automobile industry and also the automotive advertising agencies which can be engaged to offer it.

    The empowerment with the unions inside the formation of Government Motors is impacting industry even when it is being challenged in the courts. The mandated consolidation in the retail distribution channels for Gm and Chrysler preserved a persons vision in the unions in the guaranteed bond holders and independent dealers despite established rules of law. This precedence diluted expectations of both investors and corporations to depend upon binding contracts and individual rights in support of the collective we our evolving society is expected to provide. Recent changes in the text in many different Federal powers have impacted previously accepted State and individual rights which also needs to be regarded as when projecting the way forward for your vehicle industry and automotive advertising -- or even our country in general.

    For example, the progres within the definition of eminent domain from taking personal property -- for public use -- towards the new definition -- for public good -- has recently triggered private and commercial property being taken at distressed market values and presented to people that promised a better tax base on the governing authority based on their position how the additional tax revenue was to the public good. Similarly, the ownership of water rights in the usa has been changed through the previous Federal ownership of all -- navigable waterways -- to include -- all waterways -- such as ponds, surface streams and basically water that this government determines can be used people good. The potential effect on the farming industry and our food supplies evidence a shift in government control over society that need considering when projecting the way forward for any industry -- including our beloved auto industry.

    Due to the government takeover in the banking industry, Automobile, Chrysler, Health Care and Student Loans which are now portion of our history, the purpose becomes self evident. These single word changes and government takeover of entire industries for the public good dilute individual and company rights for the rights from the collective. This can be a basic part of the whole process of redistributing the wealth in accordance with Socialistic and Marxist principles. I'm not really judging the validity associated with a of those differing political philosophies because it would risk my capability to remain unbiased during my look at present and pending opportunities in the auto industry. My intent isn't to shield our previous constitutional republic on the shift to some Socialistic or Marxist democratic society, but instead to use them when preparing a enterprize model moving forward in my auto dealer / vendor clients and affiliated automotive advertising agencies.

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